February 4, 2017

Brannon Hampton – Goodyear Economic Growth

Hello everyone.

I believe that Goodyear must focus on economic growth and bring more business and grow more business in Goodyear, Arizona.  If you were not aware, I was recently a board member for the Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) http://www.asba.com/. I spent three years advocating for small business.  Small business is the foundation for any city and Goodyear needs to focus on this.  One thing I am proud of while a board member is the passing of the Crowd funding bill in the state of AZ.  This like the show Shark Tank but for average citizens to take a risk and provide financial support to local business.  This is great for small business since they are looking for more lines of credit to take their business to the next level.  If elected I will work with the city to streamline our process for small business and any business that would want to set up shop in Goodyear.  While talking to local small business owners, they shared stories of our cumbersome system that either cost them more money or slowed then down from opening their doors in Goodyear.  I will work with the Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce, ASBA, Business Incubators,  and the City to attract and grow business in Goodyear.

With a strong business base in Goodyear , we will be able to have a better quality of life for every Goodyear resident.  This might mean more shopping or parks in Goodyear for every citizen.

Brannon Hampton

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