March 19, 2017

Hampton in Goodyear City Council Run-Off Election!

Hello Goodyear!

On March 14th, Goodyear voters let their voice be heard and voted in the Goodyear City Council Primary Election.

I received third in the vote total with 6,094.  This was a large turnout compared to previous years.  Even though I received the third most votes, I needed to have 6,282 in order to win outright (50% + 1).  I was 188 votes short!  So now I am in a Run-Off Election for the final Goodyear City Council Seat with the person that received the 4th most votes.

I am ready to keep campaigning, but I need everyone’s help in order to secure a seat on the Goodyear City Council.  I need everyone that voted for me to vote again and tell their friends.

Names were drawn again and I will be the first name on the Run-Off ballot once again!

You will receive your ballot in the mail April 19th and have until May 16th to either have your ballot mailed or hand delivered to City Hall.

Let’s do this, Goodyear!  Elect Brannon Hampton for Goodyear City Council!


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